88-10-23 (Netwerk) [Concrete Sox] – [Doom] – No Pigs – L.W.S. – Anti-Toxin – Violent Mosquitos

Having seen ‘Concrete Sox’ perform in Scherpenheuvel in ’86 and  playing their 1st albym ‘Your Turn Next’ practically every day, I wanted to interview them for my zine ‘Tilt!’ (#2). After their gig Vic didn’t have the time to do it live so I wrote John later and this turned into a correspondence/friendship that would last well into his ‘Heresy’ and ‘Can’t Decide’ period untill he suddenly disappeared. Last thing I heard he is living in Australia. Anyway I  would have wellcomed them for a gig in Aalst but I think the English bands pulled out of this one at the last minute. One of the drummers was supposed to have injured his hand… Rumours were going that ‘Concrete Sox’ didn’t like ‘Doom’ too much… I guess we’ll never know why they cancelled the tour. So yes: the flyer is far from representative but we couldn’t distribute any new ones because it was all to short notice. Besides  the German bands ‘Leberwohlstand’ (‘L.W.S.’, melodic punkrock) and ‘Anti-Toxin’ (fast, slightly metal-influenced HC reminiscent of ‘C.O.C.’), we had to arrange half a new bill in a few days. ‘Mind Exit’ from the Leuven-area agreed but then cancelled because of illness. ‘Revenge’, also from Germany, split up. Then the local ‘Violent Mosquitos’ (with ‘Smurfpunk’ Frank on bass) were gonna step in but I think Mokka came up with the ‘2 Russian Cowboys’ (a hilarious countrypunkfolk duo from Kortrijk… I kept sweating untill the last minute… The very sunday-morning at 5 a.m. Lorelei (from ‘Van Hall’ in A’dam) called to let me know that ‘No Pigs’ would come over for a set. Her partner, Syd Migx (ex-‘C.C.M.’) had started singing for them. A lot of people liked their slow, pounding metalcore with its outbursts. Some compared Syd with Henry Rollins (perhaps because of his tattoos and poems on stage).

‘Leberwohlstand’ (from Wilhelmshaven), literally “wellbeing of the liver”, gives one an idea where these lads are coming from. Funny enough, I think I got their tape from my pal Kent Nielsen (S.E.). Anyway, I kinda liked ‘L.W.S.’s music and ‘Jacke’ (Carsten Bucher; bass & vocals) and his buddies (Ölz – guitar & vocals, ‘Fuchs’ Stefan Groβe – guitar, Hipp – drums) were nice guys. It was a bit strange to get negative reactions about their set… Later Jacke got involved with the more metallic Bremer outfit ‘Acid Rain Dance’ and nowadays he runs a recording-studio.


I left ‘Concrete Sox’ in October ’87;  I was not aware of any rift between ‘Sox’ & ‘Doom’… but I was not in the band then so I wouldn’t know for sure…


I remember touring with ‘Sox’ in 88 and we had a great tour. Vic had left by then. We always had a good relationship with them though…

Johnny ‘Doom’

I remember that gig together with ‘Leberwohlstand’; the year ’88 was probably our best one. That year, in June, we recorded our album ‘The Tower’ in Amsterdam at Dolf’s ADM studio (he also recorded the ‘Negazione’ lp ‘Lo Spirito Continua’ and several other great bands of that era). Around that time ‘Rich kids on LSD’ realeased ‘A Rock’n’Roll Nightmare’, maybe the best US-Hardcore record ever.

We did our tour together with ‘Sacred Denial’ (these where like the typical American band with incredible stereotype, but nevertheless we had a great time.). We started the tour in Eindhoven. I remember the discussions we had these days concerning the philosophy of Henry Rollins, who was something like the big Guru of all the guys of about 20 I knew from that time. What is the real meaning of ‘Search and Destroy’?, is there a deeper meaning to it?, what is the relation between Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins?, which way is the better one: ‘Trust and Collectivism’ or ‘Hate and Nihilism’?; things like that. July 88 we played first in Oldenburg, than Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Nagold (South-Germany), Winterswijk (Netherlands), Bielefeld, Göppingen, Hanau (near Frankfurt) and Berlin. I mention these places, because in these days we had a huge discussion in Germany, whether the Northern or the Southern part had the better ‘scene’ or Punkrock-Community.

We split in the beginning of 1990 ‘cause we all started studying in places all over Germany. But we all continued playing in bands: Gerald, our bass-man, played in the great band ‘Transsonic Science’ (google it!) from Cologne and I turned out to become a singer in the band ‘Two Ton Wreck’: Our CD appeared in 1998 and is called ‘Stranded’. Both bands played socalled ‘stoner rock’, maybe you enjoy it… All in all, these years had something I never experienced so deeply: Freedom. I’m not sure if this is quite normal for all adolescents ‘cause I guess it had to do with this whole idea of ‘Do It Yourself’, support your scene and all this: It was a great network and a cool feeling to find people listening to your songs in Belgium, etc.

Burkhard, ‘Anti-Toxin’ drummer

some pictures (by Nathalie Guyot):

‘Anti-Toxin’ drummer Burkhard

‘Anti-Toxin’ guitarist Bert  (Who’s having her eye on someone else? It’s Agna!)

‘Anti-Toxin’ singer Christoph (Ed ‘N.O.F’, Lorelei & Brob in ‘discussion’)

Anti-Toxin (from Bielefeld/Versmold) were: Christoph Ulbich (vocals), Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek (drums), Gerald Kirsch (bass) & Bert Hobein (guitar)

At that time ‘No Pigs’ vocalist Maarten Luijendijk was replaced by Syd Migx, the ‘new’ drummer (picture below) was Steven Nieuwendijk (ex-‘Deadlock’/’Nitwitz’)…



  1. We have no idea how to get hold of Syd. Last we heard he was in Firenze (Florence). It’s been 20 years since we’ve been in touch. Perhaps Nils Koning knows?
    Denise Fantinato & Alessandro (C.C.M.)
    See Spot Run!! Canine Services

    Comment by Denise Fantinato & Alessandro — 12/12/2010 @ 10:51

  2. For an interview with John March (at that time drummer) of ‘Concrete Sox’, go to Concrete Sox (interview Tilt! #2)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 03/22/2012 @ 17:00

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