Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

People keep asking about other fests from this era that were not organised by our Smurfpunx collective… So let’s try to incorporate some of them here then. Counting on anyone for help/contributions again!

Hageland Hardcore logo

For an overview: Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx

Some photoshoots:

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 6 jun ’86

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 5 oct ’86

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 15 feb ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 6 jul ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 30 aug ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 13 sep ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 18 sep ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 4 oct ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 25 oct ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 1 nov ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 15 nov ’87

Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 22 nov ’87

A place where lots of hardcore concerts were happening was Scherpenheuvel, or ‘Sharphill’, as the guys from ‘Capital Scum’ would say (their hometown). Werner Excelmans of ‘Extreme Noise’ fanzine and Hageland Records was the main man behind all this… Collaboration was no idle words in these days. Werner ‘De Witte’ always arranged that bands could play elsewhere aswell and so I did gigs with him in my hometown, for Smurfpunx; and he booked them also in Antwerp, Leuven, etc.


I have a bunch of flyers of these concerts and also Moby, Pies ‘Capital Scum’ & Bert Petitjean provided me with some. If people have memories to share I can post them here…


The Hageland Hardcore ‘house-band’ – ‘Capital Scum’

Peter ‘Pies’ Laeremans, vocals – Paul ‘Larrie’ Laeremans, guitar – Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (bass) – Sox (drums)

* pictured by Helge Schreiber:

to be continued…



  1. Hageland Hardcore was my introduction to hardcore/punk, seeing bands like ‘Lärm’, ‘Attitude’, ‘Spermbirds’ in Scherpenheuvel was absolutely mindblowing for a than 17-year old. I even remember going with my skate-buddy and his mum to visit the recordstore in Aarschot. Those certainly were the days!! Seeing ‘Lärm’ a few months ago in Mannheim also blew my mind. Who has flyers from the Hageland concerts? I’ve got some ‘flying’ around. Please post’em on this site.

    Comment by johanbiorix — 06/02/2010 @ 23:42

  2. For an interview with Werner – Hageland HC (1986-87), go to: Werner – Hageland Hardcore (interview Tilt! #2)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 06/20/2011 @ 16:49

  3. Nice…but a pity we (‘Dawn Of Liberty’) never got to play there…

    Comment by Danny ‘Fritz’ B. — 02/10/2012 @ 18:24

  4. More great 80s hardcore punk history in Belgium!
    Dale Stewart (‘Capitol Punishment’)

    Comment by Dale Stewart — 01/08/2018 @ 21:49

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