89-02-25 (Netwerk) L.U.L.L. – Acorns – Ear Damage

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On this ‘Dieren-dag’, ‘Animal-day’, we tried to get more people acquainted  with animal-rights  and veg(etari)anism . There were speakers, videos, stalls by associations such as S.E.D., ‘Beauty Without Cruelty’, etc.; and people could try out all kinds of veggie food…

‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ – my Danish pals (Andreas Ludvigsen – drums, Niller Sørensen – bass, Lars Thomsen – guitar) played. They didn’t get to play for Smurfpunx the first time they were over (in ’87). In ’89 singer Kent (Nielsen) had already left the band (Niller took over vocalist duties after him.). I had met him (and some of his friends) in his hometown Odense (‘Wanker-ranch’ city, remember anyone?) during a trip to Denmark the summer of ’87 and when their tour through Italy got cancelled, I tried to help them out with some gigs (Hamburg, Antwerp, Neerpelt, Winterswijk) – not easy with only 3 weeks notice – but the band was satisfied. [December ‘87 I wrote: “I went to Hamburg and came with them to Antwerp. Afterwards we spent the night at my place in Gent – didn’t get much sleep…”] But I don’t remember much about this. Neither of the ’89 concert: I missed half of that afternoon because my grand-dad was burried in the morning and my mind was a bit elsewhere…

Also ‘The Acorns’, a melocic punk-rock band from just across the border in the Netherlands with Patrick ‘Labie’ of ‘Scoundrels’ on vocals/drums (plus bassist Johnny and vocalist/guitarist Johan) played. They had a self-titled 7” (sometimes referred to as Promised Land; recorded May ‘88) out on Pat’s label Swaddle recs (which I still have)…

The omnipresent ‘Ear Damage’ did a (looking at the photos) wild show. ‘Bie’, Mark & Dirk had recorded their LP Progress Of Humanity (Nightingale studios in Berchem, July ’87; released on Hageland recs). Their 2nd, The Hangover Of Loneliness, was done at Studio Swan (Heist Op Den Berg, November 1988; released by Punk Etc). So they had two albums woth of material to draw from…


Photos by Kockie?, courtesy of Dirk C.:

89-02-25 Q Ear Damage (Netwerk)89-02-25 Q Ear Damage Dirk (Netwerk)89-02-25 Q Ear Damage Mark (Netwerk)89-02-25 Q Ear Damage Bie (Netwerk)

One of my first Smurfpunx shows, finally after years of seeing the flyers and not being allowed to go (sometimes parents suck). Real eye-opener, this was. Distro’s selling records and T-shirts really cheap, see the table of anarcho collective De Nar. This was a animal-rights day kinda thing, a decent crowd for rather unknown bands and lots of small tables with people selling shirts, records and magazines. I have little memory about the bands, I can’t even remember ‘Ear Damage’ playing, I ‘m pretty sure they didn’t. [Brob: ???] I remember seeing ‘L.U.L.L.’ and ‘Acorns’ -perhaps- but I did get the 7” which was very sloppy but I ended up liking it. But it was a great afternoon cause I ended up meeting people that I would bump into the following years and it had a friendly vibe which I quite liked.

Jeroen Lauwers

Wow, memory lane… ‘L.U.L.L.’ was on the final tour, still waiting for our second album Freakline to be released – it was delayed for some reason – and it came out after we’d toured for a month, with a couple of weeks to go. The gig at Netwerk must have been right at the start of that tour… Which was without Kent and with Andreas already on his way out, so we were just trying to get the most out it. And as the pics [below] may suggest we were all going in new directions musically and personally, so no wonder that we stopped the band in the autumn that year after a couple of attempts on bringing in new drummers and recording a couple of songs that would have made Ry Cooder proud, haha.

I have very little remembrance of the actual gig but didn’t Netwerk have a rather high and big stage? I remember liking the place and also remember something about pushing our van/truck around in Aalst, trying to start it, but that might also have been on the December tour [was just a few gigs] that Brob arranged (HUGE thumps up and thanx, Brob!!) – anyway, great memories. Thanks to all of you, who created and did such a big effort for the scene, which we were part of!!!

Lars Thomsen

Lars & Niller (L.U.L.L.) (pictures by Nathalie Guyot)



  1. For an interview with Kent of ‘L.U.L.L.’ (1987-88), go to L.U.L.L. / Leben Und Leben Lassen (interview Tilt! #4)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 07/16/2011 @ 16:03

  2. Kent and I did 30 mins of ‘L.U.L.L.’ autumn 2011 under the name ‘Freakliners’ with 2 friends on bass and drums:
    ‘Freakliners’ – Nostalgiurato Punktionistfest fra Rockmaskinen, Christiania 3

    Comment by Lars Melsted Thomsen — 03/19/2012 @ 18:02

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