Paradox concerts Antwerp

‘Disorder’ was replaced by ‘Insane’ (UK) [did ‘Action Pact’ & ‘Newtown Neurotics’ also play?]

In that timeframe there were some gigs at the ‘Kaaien’ in Antwerp (‘Conflict’, ‘Insane’) that I thought I helped organise together with Marc (‘Zyklome A’). Here’s some of the posters for these. On those posters it says “responsible editor: Punk Etc.”. I really didn’t remember that. I don’t recall to what extent Dirk [Punk Etc.] was active in organising these. As contact-persons are mentioned: Dirk & Marc (‘Conflict’ gig) Marc, Stel & Bart (‘Disorder’ gig) and Dirk, Bart & Marc (‘Lärm’ gig). It could be that I wasn’t actually involved in the organisation with the first 2. I’m really not sure. What I ám certain of is: when ‘Disorder’ fell through, I did help find the replacement band. Because I dó still remember the troubles looking for a substitution.  ‘Insane’ did that job very well. I’m also not sure if I was at the ‘Lärm’ concert in the ‘Paradox’. No idea. I definitely was at the ‘Conflict’ gig. And I do also know that after one of these concerts we slept on the stairs of the ‘Palace of Fine Arts’ until we could take the train home in the morning. The guy Bart that is mentioned, is Bart Steens who helped doing ‘Het Schandaal’ [fanzine; ‘The Scandal’] and later was in ‘Koyaanisquatsi’. He seems to have disappeared from the globe.


As you can see enterance-fees (200 BeF, i.e. € 5) for these concerts were very reasonable considering the amount of bands! Nevertheless, it was a lot for a young lad, like myself, who was doing his civil service and get to get by with 80 BeF (€ 2) per day… Didn’t have a car and the train-ticket all the way to Antwerp was quite expensive. Of those 3 concerts I only managed to attend the one with ‘Conflict’. Quite an impressive event! Like Stel, I spent the night with a bunch of punx in a bus-shelter near the central station, waiting for the first train. I remember some of them strolling of at first daylight and returning with sandwiches and rolls, they had mysteriously ‘found’ somewhere and started to hand out…


I believe I was at the ‘Conflict’ show: Weren’t there fight with local skinheads in the back?

Marcel ‘Ko’ Kok, ‘Indirekt’ sound-engineer

We made a song about that: No More Fights (“Paradox 1984…No more fights no!!!” (which is on Punk Etc’s compilation d – Alle 24 Goed!)

‘Fab’ Deneve, ‘War Risk 3’ (WR3) guitarist

84-11-02 XPozez - Zyklome-A - No Numbers - WR3 - PIBG (Paradox)



  1. Ah Brob, perhaps the fact that we were searched by the cops on our way to the station had something to do with those sandwiches??

    Comment by Stel — 05/05/2010 @ 17:07

  2. My very first punk gigs I ever saw, what a fucking mind-opener that was. Paradox was thé place to be at that time. [Brob: Same here: we came from a small town in the West to the ‘big city’…]

    Comment by Bootsie Butsenzeller — 04/07/2013 @ 15:01

  3. Amazing posters. Would love copies of them. Used to have ‘Zyklome-A’ on the back of my jacket in ’84…

    Comment by Nick Royles — 08/30/2016 @ 22:18

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