88-11-11 (Beukenhof) Rose Rose – Kings Of Oblivion – Chronic Disease – Mental Disturbance

‘Rose Rose’ is announced here as the “first Japanese HC band in Belgium”. They came together with Nottingham trio ‘Kings Of Oblivion’. Both were on the label In Your Face recs, ran by ‘Concrete Sox’/’Heresy’ bass-master Kalv. (I used to distribute a lot of his records…) The Japs played fast metallic HC, creating a lot of energy on stage – fabulous! The ‘kings’ played versatile HC (influenced by a variety of styles) not unlike ‘Rhythm Pigs’. They were not really ‘into’ HC but the right attitudes and nice people too. They would be back for another gig in Netwerk (17 feb 90) too…

After having had to cancel their first invitation (25 jun 88) for a Smurfpunx-gig, ‘Chronic Disease’ (Leffe, Sling, Vrokker & Meyer) -then a young promising crusty outfit- were able to show us their skills. Still wondering who the ‘surprise’ act was… Yeah right: this one took place in the youthcentre (Beukenhof) of Eeklo where one of our ‘free-lance’ collaborators (Rabbit of ‘Creep Insanity’) lived.

The evening (they stayed in the student-room of  Smurfpunx-collaborator Frank ‘Drank’ -i.e. booze- in Gent) and the whole day after the gig some of us spent time with the Orientals. Fun people to be with, even though they hardly spoke English. The communication-problems caused quite some commotion (smile) from time to time and it was also hard to really get to know them. Amazing how consumist these lads were: they wouldn’t have minded paying 1000 BeF [€ 50] for a T-shirt and shrugged their shoulders when I commented on that. They were also stopping at every store-window that displayed electronic gadgets (cameras, videos, computers) and couldn’t stop gazing… They took a picture almost every 30 seconds or so. Yep, all the stereotypes were there.


I wondered/hoped you might be able to help set up a few shows for them in Holland/Belgium? […] I think people should, on the whole, be really enthousiastic – or if not, then curious. I really hope you’ll be into helping anyway – the stuff you’ve done in the past for ‘Heresy’ (& ‘Ripcord’) has always been very well organised and it would be a weight off my mind knowing that you’ld be helping out.

Kalv (personal communication ’88)

What can I say about ‘Chronic Disease’? Belgium’s best kept secret? This was the 3rd or 4th time I saw them. This time supporting ‘Rose Rose’ from Japan (the first Japanese band I saw). I saw the guys probably 50 times between 1987 and 1993 and played in bands with some members between 1989 and 2001. Cool people and still friends of me. ‘C.D.’ from the early days had shorter and faster songs (They should have be releasing an EP in 1988, it would have been a real classic.). There’s recording of the show – there’s some people on it from Bruges who are dead now . After the gig me and my friends Koen Lerooy (a.k.a. Big Siesele or Slette ) and Bolleetje (from the punk-bands ‘Complex’ and ‘Tippercore’) wanted to have a few pints in the city but most pubs we were denied entrance because of our appearance.

I have the whole concert of ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Mental Disturbance’ [Brob: Apparently they were the surprise-act I’d forgotten about…] & ‘Rose Rose’ on DVD (filmed by Phantom – manager of the Belgian grind/hardcore band ‘M.A.D.’). [Brob: Phantom was an older one-armed guy into metal/punk/thrash from the Charleroi area that visited our gigs in Flanders together with a bunch of younger kids…] Here’s ‘Chronic Disease’ live: part 1 & part 2

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens



  1. I remember helping organize this gig but most of it is a big blurr to be honest. And that goes for most of the Smurfpunx period for me. I remember a few gigs here and there.

    Comment by Peter (a.k.a. Rabbit) — 07/12/2010 @ 16:09

  2. Ah, ‘Rose Rose’! Good music but a terrible communication-gap, to say the least.
    Did not meet them at this gig, rather in Winterswijk’s Chi Chi Club. We had carried our little tape recorder to try interview some of the bands. When we approached the ‘Rose Rose’ guys and asked them, they were ok. But then, for each question/comment we made, the answer was :
    “Uuuh… Rose Rose…. is Rose Rose”.
    I dont know if they really did not understand (our terrible frrrench accent, you know) but the two guys did not say anything else.
    We rapidly stopped the interview and started drinking some beers.

    Comment by Steph Ll. — 08/17/2010 @ 14:29

  3. For those who want to know how ‘Chronic Disease’ sounded in 1988: Leffe ripped their demo ‘Who Will Pay The Price Of Our Disregard’ and it can be downloaded here:

    Comment by smurfpunx — 03/26/2011 @ 18:16

  4. For a band-presentation of ‘Chronic Disease’, go to Chronic Disease (band-presentation Tilt! #4)

    For an interview with ‘Chronic Disease’, go to Chronic Disease (Keep Laughing #2)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 11/01/2011 @ 11:54

  5. ‘Chronic Disease’ live @ Beukenhof, Eeklo,11/11/1988
    part 1
    part 2

    ‘Mental Disturbance’ live @ Beukenhof, Eeklo,11/11/1988
    part 1

    Comment by 'Siesele' — 04/17/2013 @ 07:43

  6. ‘Rose Rose’ live @ Beukenhof, Eeklo,11/11/1988

    ‘Mental Disturbance’ live @ Beukenhof, Eeklo,11/11/1988

    Comment by Smurfpunx — 12/08/2015 @ 12:25

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