88-12-18 (De Finkel) S.N.F.U. – The Ewings – Dr Rat – Mental Disturbance

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Since our ‘home’ (Netwerk) was not always available to us (at that time there was ‘book-week’), we sometimes cooperated with other groups of friends who had a space. ‘De Finkel’ was such a place: kind of a darkish, dilapidated youth-centre hidden in a park in a Brussels’ suburb…

At first the plan was that ‘Accüsed’ were gonna be playing too but due to a ‘misunderstanding’, Thomas from We Bite recs booked them elsewhere (a big metal show in Gent – turned out to be a pub of 3 by 20 m, together with ‘Suicidal Tendencies’)… This one was a very successful concert, though smaller (150 attending) but more intimate. Hetty (Konkurrent) came over from A’dam by train. Very good live bands. Friendly people.

I had arranged a show for the ‘Berliners’ in Terneuzen (Nl) the day before and we had met in the summer of ’88 when I toured with ‘Hate Crew’ – they played together in Frankfurt. So I already knew them: Luciana (bassplayer in ‘Dr. Rat’) recognised me immediately. Also ‘Ewings’ guitarist Walt Molt, Bernd (Huber; ‘Dr. Rat guitarist) and the other guys…very decent chaps (‘Ewings’: Ant – bass, Roland ‘Role’ Wagner – vocals).

‘S.N.F.U.’s set was rather short (singer Chi Pig was ill – diarrhea because of Salmonella-infested eggs eaten in England) but very intense. After the show we drove everyone to Aalst where the bands spent the night in ‘our’ pub (Gele Limonade). We had a serious discussion about major labels but also a lot of fun (especially with bass-man Curtis and the roadie)! Playing for ‘S.N.F.U.’ (‘Society’s No Fucking Use’, from Edmonton, Canada) during this 1st European tour were vocalist Kendall ‘Ken’ Chinn a.k.a. ‘Mr. Chi Pig’, the twin-brothers Brent and Marc Belke (both guitar), drummer Ted Simm and bass-player Curtis Creager.


88-12-18 bespreking in Non-Conform #3gig-review (by Simon Guy) in Non-Conform #3

That was our [Ewings] second last gig ever before splitting up. We did our last one the week after. I moved to Hannover and still playing drums in a band called ‘Blank’. Walt & Ant still live in Berlin. Role, our singer, emigrated to the Canary Islands and lives very isolated in some kind of cave (nobody knows for sure). I haven’t seen Luciana & Bernd [Dr. Rat]  since I left Berlin in 1998. The same with Michele, their Italian drummer… Fifi, the singer from ‘Doc Rat’, died in the early ’90s because of his heroine addiction.

Carlo Kallen (‘Ewings’ drummer)

It was amusing to see 4 stalls with T-shirts. […] The ‘Ewings’ were super…

Alain ‘Nabate’ (personal communication ’88)

I remember this show! Great times. Actually the guitar-player from ‘Mental Disturbance’ (Michel Kirby) has some a video from some shows at the Finkel… We were so excited to open for ‘S.N.F.U.!!!

Marc De Backer (‘Mental Disturbance’ bassist)

More great pictures by ‘Kockie’:


in action…

Chi Pig

gig-review in Kwalpol #6:

>>December 18th it was. Whatever. Making up reviews from behind the typewriter is something I wouldn’t advise, but well. ‘Mental Disturbance’ are from Brussels. Under normal circumstances that would say enough; not so here. At times a bit too fast for my liking but they’re OK. ‘Dr Rat’ from Berlin: don’t ask me to whistle any of their tunes. It was Hardcore-With-Exciting-Tempochanges. People who already liked the ‘Ewings’ LP, better go check out this band live in order to get really thrilled. Damn, what an energy, not of this world. The same goes for Mr Chi Pig of ‘S.N.F.U.’, according to connoisseurs one of the most mobile front-men in hardcore-land. I am a connoisseur. So. This was the best concert of 1988 indeed; do note that this is possible in De Finkel. Can you spare a dime?<< [;-) Sorry for non Dutch-speaking people but it’s really hard to capture Bart’s irony and play on words.]



  1. I might be mistaken but didn’t the crowd kick out some nazi-skins that evening?

    Comment by Hans Verbeke — 03/07/2010 @ 11:24

  2. Can’t remember how many fights we had with nazi-skins but it was a part of ‘the game’ atthat time…
    Stef, Finkel (RIP) organisator

    Comment by Stef B. (ex Finkel) — 01/29/2011 @ 10:48

  3. I was ill too that day, kinda jealous at my sister who got to see ‘S.N.F.U.’ Saw them like a decade later…

    Comment by Bart Van Mulders — 05/11/2011 @ 01:23

  4. Here you can see the ‘Ewings’ in Bielefeld (1988)

    Comment by Carlo Kallen — 11/14/2011 @ 09:13

  5. For a band-presentation of ‘Mental Disturbance’, go to Mental Disturbance (band-presentation Tilt! #4)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 11/14/2012 @ 08:42

  6. ‘S.N.F.U.’ interview in M-Extäz #9 (Paris)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 04/14/2015 @ 15:04

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