87-03-15 (Netwerk) Cólera – [Challenger Crew] – No Numbers – Anguish – Hate Crew – C.P.D.

The first show by ‘Cólera’ in Aalst… Yep, only shortly after this one, they would gig at ‘Netwerk’ again [Netwerk, Aalst, 17 apr 87 (Cólera)]. They played anywhere and anytime [see also Marbel, Tielt, 2 may 87 (Negazione) & Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx] they could. I must’ve seen them…8 times? Some thought they were stupid rich kids but I’ve always experienced them as friendly, modest, grateful guys – definitely not here to make easy money. Singer/guitarist Edson ‘Redson’ Lopes Pozzi was a charismatic personality; his brother Pierre (drums) and bassist Val were rather timid (probably because they hardly spoke any English). There was always a great atmosphere at their concerts. They confirmed their phenomenal live reputation here and played something like 10 ‘encores’…

‘Challenger Crew’ were the band of ‘Moses’ Arndt (later editor of the famous ‘Zap’ magazine), named after the exploded space-shuttle. I have no recollection of this but in letter from ’87 I read they didn’t show up because of illness…?

The Belgian bands…all friends. ‘Anguish’ from Leuven (a great band that I interviewed for Tilt! #3; see comment fot link) – with female & male vocalist (Bart sometimes dressing up as a woman, Murielle/’Mumu’ as a native American), Fons (ex-’Taartje Aardbei’, he replaced Juul) on bass, Kris on guitar and Steve on drums; they projected slides to draw extra attention to their lyrics – it would’ve helped if things were a little bit more readable… Commendable! (Have a look at Q104 concerts Leuven for some pictures of ‘Anguish’ playing in Leuven (1986)…)

And the Smurfpunx house-band ‘Hate Crew’ was simply fantastic! (I set up their tour through Germany later on) – also interviewed in my zine ‘Tilt!’. Plus ‘No Numbers’ – friends from my hometown from which I recruted my pal ‘Stinky’ to play in my own band ‘Repulsives’. Even though he wasn’t in ‘No Numbers’ anymore (Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt had taken over guitar-duties), he filled on bass for them here because Kris Vereecke was not available… (see photo). The other 2 were brothers Danny (vocals) & Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums). They opened that afternoon with solid hardcore-punk. More than decent! C.P.D. (At a certain time-point they called their own music ‘Türkish Hardcore’, an inside joke between them and the ‘Heibel’ guys – it was a mixture of fun-core and thrash.) replaced ‘Challenger Crew’ effectively.

At that time I was not a member of the collective yet…


photo from the Dé O Fora 7″ (Hageland recs)

87-03-15-no-numbers-stinky-bass‘No Numbers’

87-03-15 Anguish @ Smurfpunx87-03-15 Anguish'87-03-15 Anguish‘Anguish’ pics (courtesy of Bart Schoofs)

I played that gig with ‘Anguish’ too: from then on they played with 2 guitars. I played in ‘O.I.L.L.’ [Brob: ‘Opa in Levende Lijve’ (“granddad alive and kicking”), a fun-core band with a.o. Rudy of ‘C.P.D.‘] and later also in ‘Anguish’…



  1. Nice to hear a positive note about ‘Anguish’…no doubt that we had some fun.

    Comment by Bart 'Anguish' — 06/21/2010 @ 07:57

  2. Can provide you with original pictures of ‘Hate Crew’: their singer Kris is my uncle. It’s great to see some things about them on the net. The ‘Silent Rage’ lp is just super.

    Comment by Igor — 07/08/2010 @ 21:35

  3. For an interview with ‘Hate Crew’ (1987), go to Hate Crew (interview Tilt! #3)

    For an interview with ‘Anguish’ (1987), go to Anguish (interview Tilt! #3)

    Interview with Jaak of ‘C.P.D.’ in D.R.O.L. #11 (1986)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 06/11/2011 @ 10:28

  4. In memory of Redson!
    Listen to ‘Cólera’s Pela Paz em Todo Mundo

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 09/28/2011 @ 17:38

  5. Redson came from a very modest family but not from poverty. It is completely true that they funded their ’87 trip by selling records and probably everything else they had.
    [Brob: I never said Cólera were “rich kids” but some people thought that – which is bullshit of course. I was told Redson and Pierre came from the most violent ghetto area in Sao Paulo, Capao Redondo. An anonymous source wrote me: “I guess some Europeans had seen Brazilian slums on TV and figured everybody in the whole country lived in the most abject poverty, so if somebody had money to be in a band and let alone travel abroad, they were probably ‘rich… Bollocks'”]

    Comment by Cesar — 12/02/2011 @ 20:43

  6. ‘Cólera’ interview (Deadline #2) 1987

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 08/22/2013 @ 16:00

  7. Cólera – European Tour 87

    Comment by Smurfpunx — 11/17/2013 @ 09:39

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