89-06-03 (Netwerk) Napalm Death – S.O.B. – Agathocles

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Definitely NOT a Smurfpunx concert!

People might think it was because it was in ‘Netwerk’ but it wasn’t… After their first passage with ‘Ripcord’ in ’87, N.D. took a more commercial course  (They refused 2 dates through independent people that I offered them and decided to work with a booking-agency.) and most of the Smurfpunx-crew didn’t want to get involved with them anymore. (There were also stories about sexual harrassment from some of the women in Smurfpunx; rumours about gay-bashing & homophobia from people in the UK.) There was some kind of a schisma and Michel De Cock went on to do his own shows (mostly death-metal oriented) seperately from Smurfpunx. Because he is from Aalst, he tried to continue working with ‘Netwerk’ too… This N.D. gig was with ‘S.O.B.’ from Japan.

Because of my criticism towards N.D. (e.g. writing “Commercialism Sucks” on their posters), these were not too happy, to say the least. That same night, I was attending the bar at ‘De Gele Limonade’ (pub in the same street as ‘Netwerk’, where we bands playing our shows could sleep; in return the Smurfpunx-crew attended the bar from time to time). After their concert, some of the N.D. guys, who were informed I was there, came to pay a ‘visit’… They started to intimidate me but when they noticed I wasn’t going to change my opinions, they hit me in the face and took of again…


Talking about ‘Napalm Death’, remember that suprise show they did in that tiny village Wakken. ‘Hate Crew’ was also on the bill and there was big fight with Kockie and some drunk punks. I remember Kockie tearing a studded jacket in half and punching a drunk redneck with a cowboy-hat.


I wasn’t involved with Smurfpunx anymore in 1989 and I didn’t attend that ‘Napalm Death’ gig either. But it wàs indeed clear that a while before my departure  in June of 1988 there was a malaise amongst Smurfpunx and that ‘certain elements’ were central to that or at least actively tried to poison the climate.

There was criticism on Smurfpunx from their side and a lot of twitter in the pseudo-ideological vein (“Smurfpunx is ‘undemocratic’, ‘sexist’, etc. etc.”) but it wasn’t always clear to me what those people (definitely more than one person) actually wanted. What díd become clear in the end was that it was a nicely concealed aswell as a neurotic ego-battle, provincialism and bed-politics. Overall: the petty and darker sides of human nature, I presume?

Mind you: there were also others – in my opnion clearly ‘manipulated’ – who, at a certain moment, started to organise their own concerts seperately from Smurfpunx.

Concerning the accusations of  sexual harrassment: that happened more often with bands. Obviously there will have been such incidents in intoxicated situations, in other instances it was just settlements and defamation. That always scored. On the other hand we might remember that some were notorious known for flirting with band-members.


More like ‘Napalm Duff’… They were on a national TV-programme called ‘Snub’ saying they’re trying to spread their message to more people. That’s a load of bullshit ’cause on TV and in the music-papers they didn’t talk about much else than how fast they can play. Also… Don’t believe the crap about hem being anti-sexist: my friend (who’s gay) toured with them and he said Mickey (drummer) was really sexist and very homophobic too. Rich Militia (vocalist of ‘Sore Throat’) was beaten up by them ’cause he tore down some of their flyers for a gig…

Alan Johnston (personal communication ’89)

A German guy who’d set up something for them said they were zeros; especially Mickey (drummer) and Shane (bassplayer) were out to exploit their band commercially. Lee (singer) sees that too and wants to leave the band.

Anonymous (personal communication ’89)

It’s incredible how stupid people are  – but obviously they have the same mentality as their audience! Ignorance Breeds Ignorance!

Armin Hoffmann, X-Mist (personal communication ’89)

N.D. are playing Nottingham [Nov. ’89] with ‘Morbid Angel’, ‘Carcass’ & ‘Bolthrower’ – the ‘Grindcrusher’ tour as hyped up by Dig (Earache – Cashrake). It’s at a big club (whose management have National Front connections) and tickets are £ 6 [ca. € 11, a lot at that time]. It’ll be packed full of mindless, young metal dicks. Sad how all these bands have turned into such career-motivated, egotistical arseholes. Given the choice I’ld gladly poor petrol over them all and set them alight.

Kalv; bass for ‘Heresy’, ‘Force Fed’, ‘Meatfly’ (personal communication ’89)


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