87-04-03 (De Marbel) Detonators – Instigators – Deviant Gedrag

Smurfpunx (Tielt 86, Instigators) bis

Tielt, hometown of my band ‘Repulsives’ and where I started my (fan)zine ‘Tilt!’. ‘De Marbel’ was a local pub where (hardcore)punks were wellcome.  There was a small ‘venue’ attached to it where we (and ‘No Numbers’) rehearsed. The guy who ran it, Zak, was also cool about letting us organise concerts there and letting bands sleep over. After a gig there regularly was a nice get-together in the small room above the pub… I remember Bruce and Juan definitely liked Belgian beer.

For some reason the Smurfpunx-collective (which I wasn’t part of yet) didn’t have a place to do that show when they were asked to by the person who did the tour for ‘Detonators’ and ‘Instigators’ so we arranged for them to be able to do it there… This gig took place in ’87, not ’86. ‘Deviant Gedrag’, a very good band that we’d witnessed live already before [Gele Limonade, Aalst, 19 oct 85] was the ‘support’. Nice people that we became friends with and would meet regularly. Also ‘Instigators’ [Jungle Of Joy, Antwerp, 12 dec 87 (Instigators)] and even ‘Detonators’ [Netwerk, Aalst, 4 may 89 (Detonators)] would be back for more Smurfpunx-concerts.

‘Boule’ Burgelman and ‘Bollie’ Nijs interviewed Bruce Hartnell, guitarist/vocalist of ‘The Detonators’ (He was originally the bassist but switched when the singer left.) for Onno Hesselink’s zine Peace Or Anihilation (#10) that night. They were a solid punk-rock band from the Los Angeles area. Besides frontman Bruce, there was Juan Camacho (guitar), ‘Korky’ Ollerton (drums) and Pat(rick) Fargher (bass). After this tour the latter 2 were replaced by drummer Karl Fowler and bassist Darren Baker. Their LP Balls To You was recorded later (Spring ’88) with Scott Adamo on drums and Bryson Carter on bass… On their website (, there’s a bit of history which shows they already had quite some things accomplished already…


Nowadays, I work as a audio-engineer at an opera-house in Eugene, Oregon. The only other guy still around from those days is Juan but he’s not playing music anymore.

I ran into Cuzzy from the ‘Instigators’ when he was on tour as a roadie and his act played my hall. He’s a drum-tech for the ‘Sex Pistols’. Tez runs as label in England and Mooney is the photographer for England’s national football-team…

Bruce Hartnell

Andy Turner interviewed in the Belgian ‘zine ‘Total Chaos’ #2

‘Instigators’, pictures by Kockie:

‘Instigators’ line-up here: Andy (Andrew) ‘Trimble’ Turnbull on bass, Andy ‘Tez’ Turner on vocals, Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran on drums & Simon Mooney on guitar.

Instigators Marbel 3
Instigators Marbel 2

Dirk Jans, ‘Deviant Gedrag’ (photo -probably- by Veerle Brion):

From the ‘Instigators/Detonators in Europe’ diary in Problem Child #4:

>> The reason: Communication; giving the ‘Detonators’ [Bruce Hartnell (vocals & guitar), Juan Camacho (guitar), Eric Cappucchi (drums), Pat Fargher (bass); the latter 2 left the band after this tour] the chance to tour extensively through Europe without all the monetary hassles usually associated with crossing the Atlantic. For ‘Instigators’ it was an opportunity to re-visit places, meet friends again and to re-open old wounds, etc.

Road-crew/babysitter: Andrew ‘Baz’ Barrow * Tour-crew: Reiner Mettner/Albert Asthma

[…] We’d lost the part of our map with Belgium on it so it took us a while to find this place, it didn’t help that it wasn’t signposted until about 10 miles outside the actual town but we found it and the show was another goodie. We broke our first stage of the tour, almost half the stage caved in, leaving us no too much room to move around, so we resorted to having a stage-diving competition in the middle of The Blood is On Your Hands. There were some brill leaps, some quite insane. WE were ‘fined’ after the show for drinking £50’s worth of beer we shouldn’t have and perhaps didn’t. <<

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  1. ‘Deviant Gedrag’ – Yeah Really demo 1986

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