86-09-07 (Nieuwe Madelon) Toxic Reasons – K.G.B. – Ear Damage – Repulsives – Hate Crew

Smurfpunx (Aalst 86, Toxic Reasons)


This was the first passage of my bands ‘Repulsives’ on a ‘Smurfpunx’ concert. We only existed for about a year but must’ve made an impression on people and the guys from ‘Hate Crew’ (which we’ld played with a month before) invited us for this one. As you can see we were not on the flyer but we definitely played (see pictures). It was memorable and the start of much more to come. I remember driving around in Aalst in our drummer Dirk’s mom’s car on a sunny sunday-afternoon, not finding the venue straight away. It was on the market-place and looked rather commercial… It was our first gig with foreign, touring bands. And which ones! ‘Toxic Reasons’! I also arranged to do an interview with ‘K.G.B.’ after buying their tape from Hannes…

The German (Tübingen) punk-rock band ‘K.G.B.’ (“Kein Grund zur Beruhigung” = “No Reason to Be Calm”) or “Korrupt Gierig Bestechlich” = Corrupt, Greedy, Bribable”) had played with ‘T.R.’ earlier in the US and now toured with them in Europe. Line-up was Hannes Koerber (vocals, guitar), Uli Reiße-Gross (guitar), Ralf Wettemann (drums) & Lampe (bass).

‘Toxic Reasons’ and their fast but melodic HardCore-punk were already  legendary then… I think playing in the band at that time (the LP Bullets For You was just out) were Bruce Stuckey (lead guitar/vocals), David ‘Tufty’ Clough (bass/vocals; also in ‘Zero Boys’), Jimmy Joe ‘JJ’ Pearson (drums/vocals) and Terry Howe (guitar/vocals).


<<‘Hate Crew’ sounded bad; the sound in this venue was poorly mixed (Stel wasn’t there!) and Dirk & me thought the guitars weren’t tuned right. ‘Repulsives’ were, as usual, very good, very ‘Americanic’. They simply need to put their song ‘(No More) Fascist Skins’ out as a 7”. After them came ‘Ear Damage’: I refuse to keep reviewing them (play less). […] The German band ‘K.G.B.’ play ordinary but fast rock; don’t wanna say they were bad but there was little atmosphere. Then, finally, another American band at work: ‘Toxic Reasons’. A little while before their 2nd guitarist had left so they were down to a trio here on stage. Still decent.>>

‘Zonder Toestemming’ # 2 (’86; Belgian fanzine)

Some pictures of ‘Repulsives’…

Repulsives Madelon (Stinky)Stinky contemplating how to play someone else’s guitar; with Dirk on drums firing him on

Repulsives Madelon (Disorder)‘Fane Disorder’ fully into the skateboard rage; under the watchful eye of Kris ‘Hate Crew’

Repulsives Madelon (Brob)Brob totally concentrated on his amazing fingerpicking ;-)

All I remember is that Belgian beer was good… ;-)

David ‘Tufty’ Clough, bass & vocals for ‘Toxic Reasons’

Hannes from ‘K.G.B.’ & Danny Rau (No Mercy tours) set that tour up I think… Terry ‘Hollywood’ Howe (R.I.P.) from ‘Zero Boys’ didn’t like the touring life much & quit in Amsterdam.

‘JJ’ Pearson, drums for ‘Toxic Reasons’

Photos of ‘Toxic Reasons’ & ‘K.G.B.’ (taken by Dirk Ceustermans):86-09-07 Toxic Reasons bass (Dirk C)86-09-07 Toxic Reasons guitar & drum (Dirk C) (-)86-09-07 Toxic Reasons drum (Dirk C) (-)

86-09-07 K.G.B. (Dirk C)86-09-07 K.G.B.' (Dirk C)86-09-07 K.G.B.'' (Dirk C) (-)

also: 86-09-07 (Nieuwe Madelon) Repulsives – Hate Crew (extra photos)


  1. My first show! Awesome!
    I will never forget how ‘weird’ it was to see people with bandanas and hoodies diving from the stage. It was in sharp contrast with the stereotypical image I had of ‘punk’. I didn’t know any band, let alone any of the different styles. But I must say that ‘Repulsives’ played the kind of music that I was going to like. By the way, the songs on the ‘Local Heroes’ CD are really super!

    Comment by Bart Van Mulders — 09/18/2009 @ 17:22

  2. Hah! Brob! Blasts from the past…
    I don’t remember the beer, but that we had to change electric-plugs from the amps EVERY f***n single night switching from Nl to Bel to Italy. What a drag. But I also remember it was a great, powerful evening with great guest-givers … thanx buddies. Hannes (‘K.G.B.’;
    I found this on YouTube, maybe it is Belgium back then? Check it out:

    Comment by Hannes Koerber — 07/24/2010 @ 11:32

  3. For an interview with ‘Hate Crew’ (1987), go to Hate Crew (interview Tilt! #3)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 06/11/2011 @ 10:26

  4. Quote “After them came ‘Ear Damage’: I refuse to keep reviewing them (play less).” Unquote
    Hilarious that one! Indeed in 1986 right from the start ‘Ear Damage’ played lots of shows, nearly every weekend and some weekends 2 shows! Most likely because of the 2 other members were from the mighty ol’ ‘Zyklome-A’ – fame… [Brob: Don’t forget the ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ guy though… ;-)]

    Comment by Dirk 'Damaged Ears' C. — 02/17/2012 @ 17:31

  5. The studio-tracks recorded by ‘Repulsives’ (intended for a split with ‘Cólera’ on Hageland recs) eventually made it onto CD:
    Local Punkheroes Vol. 1

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 03/02/2012 @ 21:11

  6. Everything you ever wanted to know about ‘Repulsives‘…

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 10/20/2013 @ 08:56

  7. K.G.B. (interview Tilt! #2)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 10/20/2013 @ 18:00

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