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From the ‘Dirty Scums’ website:

A few young people from Aalst founded a hardcore-combo that was named ‘Nozem’ at first, later ‘Censured’ and finally baptised ‘Hate Crew’. Around the turn of the year ‘87-‘88 the Belgian record-label ‘Punk Etc.’ released their lp ‘Silent Rage’ (that sold about 2000 copies). In july the band toured Germany [organised by Brob] but without 2nd guitarist Duco. “A lot of regretable things have happened in a short time.”, he starts his explanation. “The members of ‘Hate Crew’ regularly organised concerts, together with a bunch of other people, under the name ‘Smurfpunx’, mostly in ‘Netwerk’ in Aalst. We aimed at a expansion of the punk-movement but it looks like this has failed. We saw a lot of very young people who only came to have fun and have quite vague ideas about socia-political matters, who act semi-racist and semi-sexist, etc. That has created conflict in the group, i.e. about the loss of ideals. In general I saw the hardcore-movement heading for a schisma: the hard core will never be destroyed.”


If someone asks me “Would you do it again?”, I’ld answer: “Sure”. Would I do it the same way? Nope.

We made a *big* mistake leaving the metal and crossover rubbish in, partially to please those in Smurfpunx who were into that, partially because we naïvely assumed that it could widen our audience and expand the base for our values. Instead the opposite happened. It was a Trojan Horse, and thereby I mean both the computer-virus and the old Greek myth.

On the other hand, when I see that bands like ‘MDC’ and the Blitz squat in Oslo are still around after almost a generation it confirms the above: that a hard core did survive.


Duco’s comment where he hackles the apathy of metal-heads is the known criticism on our musical friends: that they never became political comrades… The ‘Dead Kennedys’ phrased that strikingly: “Will the punks loose their education or will the metal-heads finally learn?”.

A flyer from that era contains the text: “Don’t say that you’re against the arms-race when you buy those ‘mayor’ records’ & ‘and by the way: aren’t bands like ‘Nuclear Assault’ and ‘MOD’ fascists? And on another one it says: “DIY not…” with a bunch of labels listed. I think that fitted the ideology.

Stefan Joosten


Those few years were an inspiring ‘anything can happen’ time but I quit when the atmosphere got spoiled and I started to think it had become a faint decoction of itself. I had another idea of Punk. Still have. The Aalst scene was super in the beginning but it destroyed itself gradually and to be honest it didn’t deserve anything else. It had become a wrongful, smug and moralising little club…preaching to the converted and terribly narrow-minded. What remains are a pile of good records and that’s more than enough. Still, I look back at it with pleasure…good memories…

Bart Demey


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