86-12-19 (Netwerk) Ceresit – Repulsives – Dawn Of Liberty – [No Pigs] – [S.C.A.]

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Smurfpunx (Aalst 86, Repulsives) 2nd

Smurfpunx (Aalst 86, Repulsives) Duco

As told in Smurfpunx start in Netwerk this was the first Smurfpunx-festival in Netwerk. But it wasn’t the first gig for my ‘Repulsives’ in Aalst because we had already supported ‘Toxic Reasons’ on their tour with ‘K.G.B.’ there a few months before. Yep, our friends in ‘Hate Crew’ and Smurfpunx must’ve been big fans…

I didn’t know ‘Ceresit’ before but we were told they were from Berlin, which was far away and known for its lively scene. The band consisted of Marcel Fery (vocals & guitar), Sven (guitar), Ralf Hermann (drums), Marcus Renner (keyboards) & Daniel (bass). I bought their album Three Gallows from them that day.

‘No Pigs’, according to Duco, didn’t show up – which was a pity cause we played with these Amsterdammers before. Anarcho-punx ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ (formerly ‘Astrant’) were from Limburg (‘far’ east of Belgium), which for us (from the ‘far’ west) was quite a distance away and kind of ‘exotic’ too. It’s where I got to know Stefan Joosten, their singer, who would become a pen-pal and someone to have a decent chat with at gigs… (‘D.O.L.’ played 4 times for Smurfpunx; see e.g. Netwerk, 5 jul 87 (Political Asylum).)


I remember that after ‘Ceresit’ played, the bands, almost the entire Smurfpunx-crew and a bunch of German fans and a big part of the crowd who couldn’t get a train home, stayed at Netwerk to ‘sleep’. I think about 40 people were there. And a dog or 2. And it was very cosy and funny.


I remember this was a very good gig in Aalst. I don’t know why but we played our songs extremely fast that evening. Marcel, the shouter and rhythm-guitarist of ‘Ceresit’ (also ‘manager’) arranged the gig in Aalst. It was during a small tour through Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Yes, I also agree it was a very funny night after the gig in Netwerk. It was – especially for me – an unforgettable night because it was the first time I f***ked a girl which I loved very much LOL ;-).

I think, this concert and offcourse the whole 5 or 6 years with the ‘Ceresit’-clan influenced my life and of the others until today. I play drums again in a metal/trash-punk band (‘K.O.C.’), together with Robert (who occasionally played bass for ‘Ceresit’ to help us out). Marcel has a big sound-engineering, mixing and light-techniques company. He mixes a lot of concerts in Berlin: when he start out most of the punk-concerts in Berlin, later also big acts like ‘Metallica’, here in the Waldbühne-Berlin. Sven, the lead-guitarist, played in many punk- and metal-bands after ‘Ceresit’ but he got serious alcohol-problems and is very down today. Marcus, the man of the speacial effects and some synth-sounds, nowadays plays trumpet (!!!) for ‘Blechreiz’, a well known ska-punk band [Brob: These played at the Vort’n Vis in 1992.].

Ralf Herrmann (drummer ‘Ceresit’)

I was very nervous then – our first time on a real punk-festival – but also proud; our whole school knew we had played there…

Stefan Joosten (singer ‘Astrant’/’Dawn Of Liberty’)

‘Astrant’ was just or about to be renamed ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ * Fritz & Stefan (pic contributed by Danny Vandevelde)

Here’s a short communiqué Duco wrote in behalf of the Smurfpunx collective after one of the 1st fests…

>>To everyone who showed up on our 4th Smurfpunx festival (19 dec 86). The programme announced was ‘Ceresit’, ‘No Pigs’, ‘Repulsives’, D.O.L.’. Many among of you found the enterance (200 BeF [€ 5]) very expensive. Maybe it is for some but you should realise that the city of Aalst demands 6.000 BeF [€ 150] city-taxes for organising ‘amusements’, as they call it… And that’s only just one example of financial matters! Then there were also a lot of people who showed up for ‘No Pigs’ and were very enthusiastic to see them play in Belgium again. Unfortunately the band couldn’t make it, what was a disapointment for many, understandably. But what can you do if get a phonecall the night before that the drummer was ill and ‘S.C.A.’ were going to replace them, but they don’t show up either. We gave a part of the money meant for ‘No Pigs’ to ‘Ceresit’ and saved the rest of the profit for a next fest. Apologies to anyone! Next time we will try to, as we did before, offer the best possible bill for as little money as possible.<<


‘Ceresit’ was the very first show that I organised for Smurfpunx. A band from what was then still West-Berlin… Wow, it felt like the end of the world back then! And in fact, it *was* the end of a certain world since West-Berlin was still an enclave in the D.D.R. (the German Democratic Republic) then. Kreuzberg (a part of West-Berlin) was still an epicentre of the European squat-scene. I heard it’s now very vintage chic and yuppie city. O tempora…

That show was also the only one where I met a self-proclaimed Muslim metal-head. His name was Mahmud I think, a Turkish bloke and ‘Venom’ fan who was among ‘Ceresit’s following.

One of the older Netwerk staff, an ageing ex-hippie called Willy, had a crush for ‘Ceresit’s female driver and tried to impress her, drunk as hell as he was, with pidgin German: “OUM-PA-OUM-PA-OUM-PA d-d-dassss ist hier als das Oktoberfest niewoâr my Mädchen!” :-) LOL

The PA bloke who we hired was one of Aalst’s peculiarities as well: Jacques D.W., a perfect double of Urbanus (a Flemish stand-up comedian and also comic-figure) who lived in a chaotic and filthy flat with his P.A. as furniture. We had to get all his stuff ourselves, after we found him at least. But: he was cheap! :-)

The day after their gig Netwerk, ‘Ceresit’ played in Overpelt (Limburg). That gig, which also featured ‘Dawn of Liberty’ and ‘Indirekt’ was organised by Steven ‘Swat’ Schepers [Brob: editor of ‘Zelfkrant’ zine].

There things went wrong: something with insufficient turnout due to which ‘Ceresit’ could not be paid the full agreed amount after which Marcel allegedly threatened Steven to take their tour-bus and ram it into the hall-entrance. :-) LOL

Finally, about these petty complainers that the entrance was too expensive: Pfff…we had several of them and in the end, you know, I could easily grab them by the neck-skin and bash their head against the wall, really. They had *no clue* what amount of free work went into this. Often they were people who had no objections spending several times the entrance-price on pot and booze or on mega-events like ‘Rock Torhout/Werchter’. Later, certain members of local bands even made a sport of getting free gig rides with fake entrance-stamps and beer-tickets. Pathetic.




  1. The studio-tracks recorded by ‘Repulsives’ (intended for a split with ‘Cólera’ on Hageland recs) eventually made it onto CD:
    Local Punkheroes Vol. 1

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 03/02/2012 @ 21:13

  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about ‘Repulsives‘…

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 10/20/2013 @ 09:23

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