89-03-19 (Netwerk) Youth Of Today – [Lethal Aggression] – Decadence Within – Mind Exit

Smurfpunx (Aalst 89, YOT)

The band  ‘Lethal Aggression’ that was supposed to be touring with ‘Youth Of Today’  got replaced because their singer was “a nuisance” who nagged all the time (they asked them to leave the tour). ‘Project X’ (Porcell-Walter-Jordan*Revelation-Sammy) played… And for those who don’t know, ‘Youth Of Today’ at that time was: Ray Cappo (vocals), John ‘Porcell’ Porcelly (guitar), Walter Schreifels (bass) & Sammy Siegler (drums).



It was Sammy’s 16th birthday so (after a lot of whining for Brussels’ waffles), Hans gave him a birthday-cake…

Sammy YOT gets a cake on his 16th birthday in Aalst Belgium

Somewhere along the line Hans also got his nose punched (broken?) by one of the guys in ‘SixtyNine’: “There was some trouble when metalheads threw beer on stage while ‘Y.O.T.’ were playing, these were anxious to react to the provocations (Porcell jumped in with his broken leg aiming for one of the guys) and there was some hassle that ended in a few kicks/ punches  and a twisted shoulder for me [Brob], and a broken nose for Hans.” […] “One could’ve expected a more mature attitude from them [‘Y.O.T.’] (It wasn’t the 1st time they had to deal with that: in other countries it was worse. ) like e.g.  leaving stage and waiting until the thing clears itself… Instead, they started using their fists immediately (A bit strange for someone who’s a Krshna…).” Things calmed down when ‘Y.O.T.’ left for the Netherlands where they still had a late-night show.

There’s a clip on YouTube and this is definitely at ‘Netwerk’ allright… Who filmed this? (Youth Of Today – Live in Aalst, Belgium ’89)

[The whole video, approx. 50 min.: Youth Of Today – We’re Not In This Alone – unfortunately music and sound don’t seem to be synchronized…]

Brob / Hans

This is definitely at Netwerk… I recognize a lot of people actually.
My sister is on stage, Marc H. (‘B.T.D’.-‘Betray’), Michiel (‘Man Lifting Banner’), etc. I did my military service at that time and skipped the army for an entire week to see various ‘Y.O.T.’ shows… So I was kind of AWOL.  There was a pretty hostile atmosphere at the show… A bunch of people came to see ‘Lethal Aggression’ and had to check ‘Project X’, instead. There was some yelling, some beer-throwing stupidity and finally, in a brawl, a dude from the metal-band ‘SixtyNine’ broke my nose… Had to go to the military hospital and got one month extra on my service in the army for being ‘absent without leave’. I have the entire YOT/PX show on video here… Amazing stuff and sweet memories.


Brob at YOT‘Y.O.T., pic by Bart Van Mulders (Brob in the left corner)

YOTRay Cappo, ‘Y.O.T., pic by Kockie

Peter Hoeren (Crucial Respons recs), Georg Opora & Andreas Grüter

Y.O.T. ‘rider’. Can ‘t remember if the got the money (€ 650) they asked…

That was a great tour. I know there were two shows where ‘Project X’ had to play because ‘Lethal Aggression’ went home (after fighting with Martin [Strodthoff], the promoter, from Bremen). One of Martin’s friends, who was called ‘Godz’ (a nickname), drove the van for ‘Y.O.T.’ most of the time. Martin was someone working with Funhouse recs who released ‘Y.O.T.’s lp ‘We’re Not In This Alone’ in Germany. I don’t remember the details of the scuffle between Martin and ‘Lethal Aggression’ but John (‘L.A.’s singer) and Martin fought a couple of times and the 3rd time Martin told them that was it or maybe they decided to go home. Something like that but I’m not sure of course. John or Martin could probably tell the story now. John from ‘Lethal Aggression’ has been in touch once or twice since the internet got into our hands so he’s probably alive and kicking somewhere in NJ.

I remember the punks having a near riot-fight with metal-heads in one show in Belgium. I was outside when the fight happened but I saw people fighting as they came out the door. Doug Carron (‘Y.O.T.’s U.S. booking-agent) was there for some reason – I think he was on most of the tour. He was part of the brawl but as I remember it, other than that, it was a great day. We had all made some friends at the show and at some previous shows so it felt a little more familiar than some of the other ones.

Someone asked me for photos of the show a few years ago and I scanned through my pictures looking for them but I didn’t take pics at every show…

Jordan Cooper, Revelation recs

The ‘Y.O.T.’ tour… We finally (in the end and after so much trouble) arrived in Belgium. Schweers, Benno, Goetz and me were pretty exhausted… It was pretty tough to do all that without PC or mobile-phone during these times. Joerg (Funhouse, Hannover) did pay the posters but wasn’t involved in the tour. Three of my friends and me did the tour (Thorny Trip Laboratories, Bremen) in too many places between Oslo, Yugoslavia, Spain.

Too bad that there were not more videos (just two boot-legs) from that time.

The trouble with John (‘L.A.’) isn’t worth a word after more than 20 years. I think he sees it the same way. But it’s true that he was jettisoned at Paris Airport just before we arrived in Belgium.

Martin Strodthoff

Basically I was pissed because Martin the tour-manager was spending a lot of the bands money on speed. It was such a hectic schedule and I can’t blame him for needing it but it left us in some shitty situations. Plenty of times they would dump ‘Lethal’ at the worst place to stay and then ‘Y.O.T.’ and the crew would stay at a house or proper accommodation. Yes, we liked to get high and they liked inviting Krshnas to hand out cookies and stuff. A few times I was trying to score some drugs on the street, and they literally would grab me and throw me in the van. It got to the point where I told Martin “I don’t know if we will ever see these places again so instead of leaving us in someone’s closet all day give me the keys to the van or our share of the money!”. He didn’t like that and threatened to leave us behind. We put up with ‘Y.O.T.’ and at quite a few shows I personally got in the pit to fight off a bunch of skins who were trying to attack them (Remember Yugoslavia and Austria, guys?). ‘Y.O.T.’ claim to be open-minded and such but they didn’t care that we kept getting stuck in these shitty places all day while they had the vans and could visit temples and whatever else. As for the knife-incident… That Doug character, who in my opinion was never supposed to be part of the tour, was in our van as we headed out of Italy. I was looking around for my headphones and noticed he was using them. I asked for them back and he said: “No, I want to use them.”; he didn’t ask, he just took them and then wouldn’t give them back. Not a smart thing to do to a band who decides to call themselves ‘Lethal Aggression’. Just as ‘Y.O.T. live the lifestyle their name espouses, so do we. We don’t take shit. So when someone is eating with a switchblade in his hand…give the guy back his headphones. I never attempted to stab him. Although the knife was in my hand because I was eating with it, I bitch-slapped him with my other hand and took back the headphones. This turned into a funny event at the next gig when all the ‘Y.O.T.’ guys pulled out there Swiss army-knives and started holding them out and throwing them at a dartboard. There’s always more sides to a story but since we are a cult band no one really cares to hear from us. A lot of our fans gave them shit at those last dates; that’s why you hear about fights, and packing up and leaving. It wasn’t all nazi-skins (if many at all), it was a lot of our fans pissed ‘cause we were kicked off the tour. Nazi-skins make a better story though. I got to see Ray and John in Texas (2011), and they tried to act all nonchalant about what happened years earlier. I gave them a copy of a song I wrote – called Project X – and told them to give it a listen. It starts off with an interview Porcell did, calling us loser alcoholic punks! I find it all kinda funny but apparently Porcell got a little nervous and excused himself as I was with some local Texas boys who could eat him and shit him out in a bite. All in good fun, I know they were watching there back that show. As times passed I wouldn’t have done anything different. You fight for what you believe in and when you know someone is ripping you off and conspiring behind you, well then you speak up for yourself. Yeah, we were crazy drunk drug addicts and we had a lot of fun. Thanks to them we got all the girls and all the beer. They got to share beds and cold showers. Build up the walls!

John ‘Saltz’ Saltarelli, ‘Lethal Aggression’ singer

For those who read German; here’s a piece with some info on the YOT/LA tour from Kabeljau #12:

I saw ‘Youth Of Today’ six times, including the show at the Netwerk in Aalst. Some of it I remember so clearly that it was like yesterday, some things faded and some are coming back. On the flyer it said ‘Youth Of Today’, ‘Lethal Aggression’, ‘Decadence Within’ and ‘Mind Exit’. As it happens ‘Lethal Aggression’ never played this show. I wanna stress it more than once: a new vibe was there, something positive. Everyone was stoked to see ‘Youth Of Today’. A lot of kids from all over Europe came to see them. It was magical. New friends were made, some of them I know till this today. I remember that Bart and Michiel (‘Profound’) came over. They had a pile of ‘Colt Turkey’ posters (famous fanzine with the Colt Turkey cartoon-character) made. It was 100% straight and 100% political and of course it was 100% fun. In 1990 they put out the classic ‘Colt Turkey’ 7“ which was full on straight with a communist edge I‘m friends with them till this day, though I don‘t see them very often. I remember Big (later played in ‘Profound’, ‘Man Lifting Banner’, ‘Mainstrike’, etc.) was also there. He was a 100% ‘Youth Of Today’ devotee like everyone else in our crew. Michael Müller from Counter Clockwise zine, Georg Opora, Andreas Grüter, Thorsten Benning and Morten Gass (both played in ‘7 Inch Boots’, the first hardcore from our area I really liked) and me drove to the show in Aalst. To be honest I can’t say anything about ‘Mind Exit’ and ‘Decadence Within’. I can’t remember if the were good or not. ‘Decadence Within’ were a quite popular band from Great-Britain. ‘Mind Exit’ were a Belgian band but that‘s the only thing I can tell. ‘Lethal Aggression’ would have been played this night but as it happened one of the band-members were fighting with the tour-manager. If I remember correctly he was threatening him with a knife. Everyone in our crew hated them. They were all druggies and that wasn‘t hip at all with us. We were kinda glad when they were kicked off the tour. But the best thing came when ‘Project X’ hit the stage to replace ‘Lethal Aggression’. Jordan from Revelation recs filled in on bass, Ray was playing drums, Walter on guitar and Porcell on vocals. Everyone was so excited to see them. It was unbelievable. I have a ‘Project X’ photo from the show which I used in the Voice Of A Generation fanzine [at the bottom of this]. They played all the hits from the 7“. ‘Youth Of Today’ came next, everyone was stage-diving. Marc from ‘Betray’ was a bit annoying, he was screaming all the time during the songs: “Hey Ray, stand fucking hard.” I can tell you he hasn‘t made lots friends during the show. There’s a video of the ‘Youth Of Today’ concert where you can hear him screaming all the time. You can also see me in the crowd still with long hair. I haven‘t seen this video in a long time. I wish I had a copy. I‘m sure I will find something on YouTube. I‘m not sure if ‘Project X’ got video-taped. There are lot of familiar faces in the crowd and this is a show I will always remember for ‘Youth Of Today’, ‘Project X’ and the new friends I made during the show.

Peter Hoeren (Crucial Response recs)

the crowd in action during the ‘Project X’ show (by Peter Hoeren)

For ‘Decadence Within’ this was the kick-off of a 1st short euro-tour that I set up for them… In ’89 I wrote to a friend: “Musically they’re very technical but powerful and energetic (I like it a lot) and as human beings, they’re kind, sympathetic people. I kinda feel ‘connected’ with them…” They seem to have impressed  Martin & Doug (tour-promoters) because they were offered a few extra shows with ‘Y.O.T’ because of ‘Lethal Aggression’s departure.


The Aalst gig: well, what can I say? It was great – the best show of the week.  [There were 550 people.] We’ll always remember it as one of the best gigs ever. […] We went off to do another gig with Y.O.T. in the evening but there were lots of nazi skins so we didn’t get to do the gig and Y.O.T. only did a short set. […] Monday in Düsseldorf we had a car-accident, nothing too serious. The gig [Kiefernstrasse, AK 47‘] was great and we got a good meal & 300 DM [ca. € 150]. ‘So Much Hate’ were great band and nice people. Tuesday we went to Amsterdam and stayed with Syd & Lorelei; very sincere and kind people, and they looked after us. [Brob: When Smurfpunx stayed over at ‘Van Hall’ with them, they played ‘mommy and daddy’ for us too. Letting us sleep around the stove in their bedroom.] Wednesday, in Arnhem [‘Goudvishal’], we played with ‘Y.O.T.’ and ‘So Much Hate’ again. It’s a good venue and it was very full, so it was a very enjoyable gig. We were fed very well and paid fl. 250 [ca. € 70]. On Thursday we drove 8 hours to Göppingen. It was OK, we played well but the crowd were all into total noise (100s of ‘Naplam Death’ T-shirts)! Nevertheless we persevered and were very pleased. Again, we were well fed and were paid DM 400 [ca. € 200]. Friday we drove back 10 hours to Amsterdam where we played our last gigs in the the large room of ‘Van Hall’. An attendance-record was set of over 650 people and we enjoyed playing. ‘Y.O.T.’ were simply brilliant that night. They were nice people and we struck up quite a good friendship with them. We were paid fl. 700 [ca. € 320]. We had to cancel the gig in Frankfurt because some bug got to Mobs [drummer] – he vomited straight through the set in A’dam – and Kev had lost his voice. […] Overall it was a great week…

Slug, D.W. bassplayer (personal communication ’89)

I have great memories from the Centrum Netwerk in Aalst! It was a tough time to play shows in the UK and you were lucky to get a bit of petrol-money – you always made a loss anyway! And then we started coming to Europe – thanks to all the sterling efforts on your part, Brob mate (My old friend Andy ‘Tez’ Turner from the ‘Instigators’ helped us out over there too) – and we couldn’t believe that you not only got paid, but given good food and drink as well… It was a very nice surprise nót to lose money for once anyway! At the ‘Y.O.T.’ show, it was unfortunate that the fight broke out – I remember Sammy, their drummer, pulling some big guy’s jacket over the guy’s own head so he couldn’t see Sammy hitting him, which was pretty funny… We obviously got chatting to ‘Y.O.T.’ and they were amazed that we didn’t drink and were vegetarian, so we had a long talk about the UK anarcho punk scene and where we’d got óur influences from… I think they thought all UK bands were crusties! We were invited to follow them all the way to Holland to play another show with them that night but it was full of Nazis, so ‘Y.O.T.’ went on first and headed for their hotel and left us to headline… There was a curtain across the stage, that the promoter would pull back when the band was ready to play, but we told them to leave the curtain drawn so no one could see what we were doing and we packed all our gear back into the van and left, haha! For all I know, all those guys are still stood in that hall waiting for us to come on…

Slug, D.W. bassplayer

I remember the ‘Y.O.T.’ show being pretty crazy and them also getting involved in some aggro outside the show! Ah, they were the days! This was also the first time I met Syd from ‘C.C.M.’; don’t know if he was there – maybe it could have been later we hooked up with him (& Lorelei). I just remember spending time sat next to him in the van! I sure remember that this was the first time I saw the effect US bands had on European audiences!

Mobs, D.W. drummer

‘Mind Exit’ rose from the ashes of ‘Taartje Aardbei’. Bart ‘Kwalpol’ Schoofs (the later cartoonist), who alredy then was in for some absurd humor, played bass for them. The rest of the line-up was Dirk Verbeeck (younger brother of Marc, who played bass for ‘Zyklome-A’ & ‘Ear Damage’) on drums and vocals, and guitarist Tom Claes & Bart Gebroers. A leaflet they wrote at that time still makes us smile (sorry for non-Dutch-speaking but it’s impossible to capture the hilarious tone in English): “Zelf vergrijpen we ons wel eens aan een airke datsoortige muziek [metal], ten einde onze muzikale einders te verruimen (net zoals het wel vertoeven is in het land van resp. de Blues, de Jazz, de Flamenco, de Hiphop, de Funk, de Kleine Nachtmuzak, de Musica Reservata en de Ars Nova). Wat de attitude deze verchroomden betreft: Somtijds zijn jelui niet vriendelijk en ook heel dom, geloven in satan is ridikuul, bloed en kettingen zijn onmodieus, motorbendes kunnen een punt zuigen aan Fons De Wolf en swastikas zouden tot een ver verleden moeten behoren. […] Wij zijn voor vrede en gelijkheid, tegen alles wat dat verhindert, tegen autoriteit, we houden ervan om naakt door het bedauwde gras te slui…HOLA! We mogen al eens een alcoholletje tot ons plogen te nemen (zoals het ‘den burger’ betaamt),… Kortom wij zijn Goed. […] Wat betreft commercialiteit, zijn de Mind Exit-Jigsaw-Puzzels, de Mind-Exit-Action-Mannen, de Mind-Exit-Gijse-Mannen, de Mind-Exit-Fietsvaantjes, de Mind-Exit-Guano, de Mind-Exit-Samoeraizwaarden en de Mind-Exit-warenhuisketens op dit moment niet te verkrijgen. […] Onze lievelingsgroepen zijn: Death’s Dead, Evil Devils, Holy Jesus, Beer Innit, Death People Having Sex, Dag Brave Jung, Füunahä Pokjä, Gothic Warriör en Système U.” [sic]


Here’s a picture of Bart ‘Kwalpol’ that appeared in a local newspaper after their gig…



  1. Yes, it’s possible that the video is filmed in Netwerk. But I don’t recognize anyone in the video.

    Comment by tofuparty — 08/25/2009 @ 22:10

  2. I was the bassplayer/backing vocalist for ‘Mind Exit’ (first band of the line-up that day) at that time. I remember this gig all too well as it was actually the first time I witnessed a fight at a hardcore/punk concert. I was quite in shock, really.
    Funny thing is: years later, in a time of my life in which I put way too much efforts in being ironic and tongue in cheek, I made up some plans on a drunken night with my friend Roberto for a spoof SxE band which had to be called… ‘Project X’! It’s only now, years later, I suddenly realize there not only was already once a band going by that name, and I shared the same stage as well. Glad that joke never got off the ground…
    Bart Schoofs

    Comment by Brt — 08/27/2009 @ 23:34

  3. That day I came over to Aalst with the train and my skateboard (together with our drummer Tommy). At some time during stage-diving, I found myself in front of the stage without anyone else around me. I was watching the band and hadn’t noticed that someone jumped down from the speakers: he landed on top of my head. I suffered from some kind of whiplash and had to visit a chiropractor for 3 to 4 years…
    JLB (‘Disgorge’)

    Comment by JLB — 05/16/2010 @ 08:46

  4. Nice pic with Brob sporting his legendary ‘Voice Your Opinion’ shirt…

    Comment by Steph Ll. — 08/17/2010 @ 15:14

  5. For an interview with ‘Decadence Within’, go to Decadence Within (interview Tilt! #6)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 08/27/2011 @ 15:07

  6. It was early 1989 when ‘Youth Of Today’ came to tour Europe. You can tell that something was in the air. The hardcore/punk-scene changed a lot. Not only because of ‘Youth Of Today’ but you can say they had a lot to do with it. Revelation recs started in 1987 and when they put out the Togehter 7“ compilation, the ‘Gorilla Biscuits’ 7“ and the ‘Side By Side’ 7”, etc. you can say that those guys re-started the whole hardcore thing in America. And in Europe kids got psyched and wanted to start their own thing, similar to ‘Youth Of Today’. A lot of new kids and older kids became straight edge and became vegetarian too. I myself got the edge in 1988 and in the summer 1989; I stopped eating meat when I stayed in America. When I came back the ‘Profound’ 7“ came out, still under the belt of Anti-Schelski recs. But the second pressing has been released on Crucial Response recs; which I still run today. 1989 was a magic year: ‘Youth Of Today’ came over, the first straight edge band from America. ‘Gorilla Biscuits’ was the second band that came to tour in late 1989.
    If anyone has some ‘Youth Of Today’ or ‘Project X’ photos, please get in contact with me at:

    Comment by Peter Hoeren — 09/19/2011 @ 14:43

  7. Crazy show… And Mokka’s putting his earplugs in… (see video)
    And here’s another one: ‘Youth Of Today’ live bootleg from 1989.

    Comment by Heleen Valk — 11/13/2011 @ 09:41

  8. If someone wants a copy of the ‘Y.O.T.’ interview that Edward Verhaeghe did (the day of this concert) for his fanzine Dorst (it’s in Dutch): sent me an e-mail…

    Here’s the interview the ‘Lärm’ guys did with ‘Y.O.T.’ in Definite Choice

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 06/10/2012 @ 11:05

  9. There are a lot of different views as I read these reports again. It was plainly apparent that the beer throwing and fights were a reaction from fans traveling and spending there hard earned money to see ‘Lethal’ and getting to the show to find out we weren’t playing. The ‘Napalm Death’ fans were our fans as well. At that time we were some of the fastest bands of the time and when it came to speed and hooks, you never saw a band like ‘Lethal’ do a 65 song set list with probably 5 breaks between songs. I find it interesting that Slug remembers ‘Y.O.T.’ fondly after choosing to put them on as headliners so they would have time to “escape” to a hotel and leave his band also rip off paying fans by sneaking out the back door and laughing about it. I’m sorry that’s not hardcore, that’s shit posers and people who don’t stand for what they believe in do. If a band set me up and split: 1. There not supporting the show 2. They had no concern if you got your head shoved up your ass and 3. That is not NYHC! NYHC bands always stayed strong and helped there friends whether right or wrong and then sorted it out later. I wonder how Slug would feel if those people caught them sneaking out and beat the shit out of them. ‘Y.O.T.’ did that to us at shows they were scared to play. There were quite a few shows where me and my guitarist Dave punched the shit out of people spitting on ‘Y.O.T.’ and trying to mess up their gig. ‘Y.O.T.’ set us up a few times saying why don’t you guys headline tonight. It would seem some fans of there’s would explain the threats that ‘Y.O.T.’ was going to be hassled. We watched their gig standing on the stage, one of us stage right and one stage left. Martin and his friends helping with the tour wouldn’t help either. As soon as they were done we played our set. I laughed at how’Y.O.T.’s van was gone and we were left with Mikael (tour guy) to drive us and dump us somewhere. That is not hardcore, guys and gals, that is chicken shit! Just to mention it to Slug once again, what would you think of ‘Y.O.T.’ if your van got trashed while they were off eating dinner and leaving you to deal with the trouble? This is not hardcore, emo punk maybe, but hardcore is meant for men to be men, speak out about what you believe and if it comes to it…fighting for what you believe. Running away for people who paid to go to a show is beyond my comprehension as a hardcore band. Your pay should have went back to the fans and ‘Y.O.T.’ should have been bitch-slapped for doin’ that to you. Fuck, we played some shows on that tour to 10 people and ‘Y.O.T.’ would just want to leave. We always said these kids came to see a show lets give em a show. Years later when ‘Shelter’ got real commercial and was obviously trying to break mainstream you could finally see all they ever wanted to be was famous and in reality rockstars. Now it’s yoga-class and major guarantee reunions for big $$$. As Raybeez said: “Hardcore should stay out of big business.”; if all of ’em just believed it.

    Comment by John Saltarelli — 06/11/2012 @ 15:31

  10. For the diehards…
    ‘Youth Of Today’ – Live in Germany 1989

    Comment by smurfpunx — 08/27/2012 @ 20:35

  11. Yep – the ‘Project X’ pic features the three Crucial Response stooges Peter Hoeren, Georg Opora and Andreas Grüter (me – with the ‘SS Decontrol’ hoodie) – and was taken from Vengeance zine issue 2 (the second to last one I did…)

    Comment by Andreas Grüter — 01/06/2015 @ 15:23

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